Welcome to the Community - a little about it.

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Welcome to the Community - a little about it.

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This is a demo environment to see and test what best suits our purpose.

We'll be able to take our original forum with all members and their posts and plug in the new community section. We loose nothing, we're just adding to what we already have.

Why Change?

Many of our new members are recently bereaved and use our original setup a lot but we also have a lot of members who are bereaved a lot longer. As the years move on they still need support but have outgrow what we currently have.

We also see people who join and never make contact, never message or post. They visit the one time and most of them never return. Why? Many simply don't understand how it works. Of course I expect a certain percentage who'll never engage and that's all right too. But, we have at least try and improve.

My hope is to build our site to support most everyone and help communication between members. The trick is not to make it confusing for both new and existing members. What we need was something simple, straight forward and to the point but can grow with the member. Sounds simple enough right? We'll see...
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